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Cherry angiomas or simply angiomas are small, dome-shaped skin lesions that appear intensely red. It is an abnormal growth of thin capillaries. This proliferation of capillaries is filled with oxygen rich blood. In fact, blood gives angiomas their red color.

Angiomas are harmless, though they can cause profuse bleeding if they are ruptured. Angiomas may be confused with other, more serious lesions called amelanotic melanomas. True angiomas are usually smaller than a pencil eraser (though they can be bigger) and once formed, do not usually change size.

How do I know if I have an angioma?

The prudent approach is to have a physician examine any new or changing skin lesion that causes you concern. The experts at Bella Sana can determine whether your skin lesion is a true angioma; however, you can do one test yourself. If you have a red skin lesion and wonder if it is an angioma, press down on the edge of it with your thumb. All angiomas will "blanch," or turn white, as the blood is pressed from the capillaries. If you cannot press at least some of the blood out of the lesion, it is probably not an angioma. In any case, if you are not sure your skin lesion is a simple angioma, you should have it examined by a physician.

Angioma treatments

A true angioma is not a health risk, but it can be cosmetically unappealing, especially if it is big and on the face. Fortunately, cherry angiomas can be removed safely and easily. A cherry angioma may be shaved off using a surgical blade or electro-cauterized, a process that uses electricity to burn the lesion away.

Because of its excellent safety profile, many patients with unwanted angiomas opt for laser therapy. The professionals at Bella Sana Medical Spa use the Cutera XEO laser system to treat cherry angiomas. Among its features, the Cutera XEO system includes the truPulse™ Nd:YAG Laser, which is optimized for treating vascular lesions such as cherry angiomas.

If you think you have a cherry angioma and would like to discuss diagnosis and treatment options, speak with the experts at Bella Sana Medical Spa today.

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