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Facials are one of the most relaxing treatments that soothe the mind and skin equally. But every skin is different, and BellaSana’s customized facial treatments can be personalized to your skin concerns and the desired outcome. A custom facial can be used to address multiple needs, such as premature aging, dull skin, acne-prone skin and more,
BellaSana takes the time to assess the health and need of your skin and provides a custom facial aimed at targeting your skin problems. We also ensure that our treatments alleviate stress by enveloping you in a calm ambiance during the procedure.

Whether you want to firm up the skin around the neck or get rid of those bags under your eyes, BellaSana’s custom facial treatment can help. Each customized facial will cover your specific needs, while also hydrating your skin and stimulating circulation, leaving you with a healthy, glowing face and a relaxed mind and body.
Receiving consistent custom facial treatment with BellaSana will help us to continue building upon the benefits of the previous facial sessions. Repeated sessions will augment the overall appearance of your skin’s health from a deeper level and give you long-term results.

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