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The world of aesthetic cosmetology, lasers, and technologies are very diverse and complex, and it is constantly developing. And it's great. Thanks to that, we become better and more beautiful. Thus, we increasingly use non-surgical methods to correct some defects in our body making it ideal. A few more years, women used plastic surgeries to get rid of excess fat on their body. Today, cosmetic and aesthetic medicine can offer non-surgical, non-invasive procedures to reduce and destroy body fat cells. Among the most popular procedures used for body' correction are the well-known procedures as CoolSculpting, SculpSure, Vanquish, BodyTite, Ultrashape and many others. I have been practicing and studying these brands for many years. But I can safely say that the trusculpting 3d fat reduction is an unprecedented method of non-surgical body sculpting and skin tightening! This is a perfect "hot liposuction", especially if you have absolutely no time for surgery.

How does the trusculpting 3d fat reduction work?

The truSculpt 3D treatment launched by Cutera® uses a newest non-invasive technology for fat reduction and fat removal with no downtime. This method works by heating the tissue at 45-47°C with the help of deep radio frequencies. It leads to fat cell apoptosis. As a result, fat in tissues is released and reabsorbed, and fat cells die. New collagen in tissues is deposited, and the skin tightening occurs. According to the studies, the amount of fat is reduced by 24% per procedure. Moreover, a non-invasive procedure has no side effects, and complications. The result that other fat reduction procedures give for several sessions, only one session of the trusculpting 3d fat reduction is required for an obvious result. Quickly, simply and forever!

The truSculpt 3D body sculpting benefits

The non-surgical truSculpt 3D fat reduction is a technological enhancement that offers consistently impressive results. When stubborn problem area on your waistline, hips, or upper arms is annoyingly resistant to diet and exercise, use this treatment to get rid of arduous fat there. The experience shows that the trusculpting 3d fat reduction has lots of advantages in contrast to other non-invasive procedures:

  • Shorter treatment times;
  • Fewer treatments needed (only 1 session for treatment);
  • Larger treatment areas (it targets larger zones of unwanted fat);
  • Greater depth and heat (as a result, significantly more fat reduction and skin tightening).
  • Treats all body areas including abs, flanks, bra line, under the chin, entire thighs, arms, and calves.

Who is it recommended?

Frankly speaking, the trusculpting 3d fat reduction machine we have at Bella Sana is a true dimension for our patients. To my mind, when patients have busy lifestyles - do not have the opportunity for increased physical exertion, do not want hopeless diets and do not want to resort to surgical procedures, this method is very useful to address. The truSculpt 3D, a cutting-edge, non-surgical, no downtime procedure is clinically proven to target problem areas, like cellulite. It is also very important for the post-pregnancy and post-weight loss patients, because this less aggressive procedure tightens the skin post-surgery, reduces the smaller scars as well as performs a larger liposuction with less risk of skin laxity (sagginess). 

Our professionals can meet you face2face at Bella Sana. Please contact us to obtain more details and information about the truSculpt 3D treatment.

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