Skin Tags, Angiomas and Warts Laser Removal

Many people encounter skin problems. But people who are going through these problems know how hard it is to deal with them sometimes.

A lot of people face skin problems like warts, skin tags and angiomas. Warts are basically a bump on the skin and they can spread through skin-to-skin contact. A skin tag is a piece of skin which is soft and hangs out away from the surrounding skin. They can occur anywhere on the body. Angiomas are like red moles which can also appear anywhere in the body. All of these conditions are usually painless and harmless. But people who face these issues may want to have them removed.


Why US

The good news is that it is possible to get them removed. Our ultramodern med spa equipped with hi-tech laser machines offers skin tag removal, wart removal and angioma removal services. Moreover, Bella Sana provides all the laser services at discounted prices. Bella Sana is a trustworthy skin care med spa and a lot of people may already know about them.

Our laser technicians are very experienced and will provide you with an outstanding quality of service at very reasonable prices. We love our job and will always make sure that none of your concerns are left unattended. If you have any questions about skin tags laser removal or angiomas removal, please address them at the initial consultation or anytime before the procedure. We will ensure that you are comfortable during this skin laser procedure and happy to go the extra mile for your absolute satisfaction before, during, and after skin tags, angiomas, and warts laser removal in Des Plaines.


One session of skin tag laser removal will now cost $29 instead of $49, whereas three sessions will cost $69 instead of $99. If a client has six skin tag laser removal sessions, they will have to pay only $129 instead of $179. 

Angioma laser removal is also discounted. One session will now cost $39 which used to be $59. Three and six angiomas laser removal sessions will cost $79 and $139, respectively, instead of $109 and $189. 

Wart laser removal sessions are discounted as well. One session is $49 instead of $69. If a client has three or six wart laser removal sessions, they will pay $89 for three sessions and $149 for six sessions. Previously, the price for three sessions was $119 and for six sessions, $199.

For all of these laser procedures, Bella Sana is now offering huge discounts to their customers. So if someone is dealing with any such skin issue, please consider calling Bella Sana Med Spa at (847) 576-0505.

1. One Skin Tag Laser Removal  Regular Price $49.00 Now $29.00
2. Three Skin Tags Laser Removal  Regular Price $99.00 Now $69.00
3. Six Skin Tags Laser Removal  Regular Price $179.00 Now $129.00
4. One Angioma Laser Removal  Regular Price $59.00 Now $39.00
5. Three Angiomas Laser Removal  Regular Price $109.00 Now $79.00
6. Six Angiomas Laser Removal  Regular Price $189.00 Now $139.00
7. One Wart Laser Removal  Regular Price $69.00 Now $49.00
8. Three Warts Laser Removal  Regular Price $119.00 Now $89.00
9. Six Warts Laser Removal  Regular Price $199.00 Now $149.00

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