Bikini Laser Hair Removal

You’ve found the perfect swimsuit, but there’s just one problem. Whenever you shave your bikini line, the hair grows back enough to be visible within a day or two. For this reason, many people seek out bikini line laser hair removal in Chicago, IL, whether they prefer to swim and sunbathe by the pool, our Great Lakes, or the ocean far away.

Epilation with Cutera XEO Laser

The Cutera XEO laser is a highly specific, adjustable Nd:YAG laser that can effectively target unwanted hair without damaging your skin. During laser hair removal, a concentrated beam of light is fired at your unwanted body hair. It is set to a frequency that matches the pigment in your hair, which overheats and destroys the follicle. Although it is the same pigmentation molecule that colors your skin, the Cutera XEO is safe for dark complexions.

Is Bikini Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Bikini laser hair removal is overall safe. Fair to olive complexions with dark hair were once the only compatible skin types, but we can now even treat clients with dark skin. The Cutera XEO uses a type of laser that doesn’t react with your skin pigment, so you don’t need to worry about burns, inflammation, or irritation.

You may feel a hot, snapping sensation during treatment. A cooling gel is applied to your skin in order to minimize discomfort, but you won’t need any other pain relief.

How to Prepare for Epilation of the Bikini Area, and What to Do After the Procedure

To prepare for laser hair removal, we advise you to shave your bikini line the day before your appointment. It’s also best to avoid lotions, scented products, or exfoliants.

After each session, it’s safe to shave or wear form-fitting pants as the Cutera XEO system is much gentler. You can expect most of your unwanted hair in the bikini area to drop off within a week, so it doesn’t need to be plucked.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal at Bella Sana

If you’ve searched “bikini line laser hair removal near me”, you’ve come to the right place. At Bella Sana Med Spa, we use The Cutera XEO Laser, a multi-application system that your technician can adjust to fit a wide range of complexions. We also offer highly experienced technicians and affordable prices. While our standard laser hair removal treatment price for the bikini line once cost $102, the price is now down to $51 per session. We recommend a course of six to eight sessions before seeing your desired results, with maintenance sessions every year or two in the event of regrowth.

To request an appointment, contact us here, or call us at (847) 576-0505. 

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