Chin Laser Hair Removal 

Visible facial hair is common among women, but this doesn’t make it less distressing. Whether you naturally have soft, downy hair, or have the thicker, longer hair seen in some endocrine conditions, Bella Sana Med Spa is your best bet for chin laser hair removal in Chicago, IL. 

Chin Laser Hair Removal Process

During laser hair removal for the chin and other areas, an intense beam of light is fired at your hair follicles. Its color has an affinity with your hair’s pigmentation, so your unwanted hair absorbs and is destroyed by the laser light. Although the pigment in your hair is also present in your skin, our lasers do not affect the skin of any complexion. 

Chin laser hair removal has striking before and after results. You can enjoy a freshly-shaved or plucked look within a few weeks, without worrying about ingrown hairs or rashes.  

Preparation for Chin Epilation

Our modern laser system allows for minimal preparation. On the day of each session, do not wear any makeup over your chin or use other personal care products (unless they’re thoroughly washed off). It’s also important to avoid plucking unwanted hair, or any other activity that may cause tiny wounds. 

Care After the Laser Hair Removal Procedure

At Bella Sana Med Spa, we chose the Cutera XEO laser for all laser hair removal procedures. This effective, precise technology does not target your skin, unlike older devices. You do not need to avoid sunlight or personal care products. As the hair in your treated area falls out within a few weeks, you don’t need to pluck it. 

How Many Laser Sessions Do You Need?

We generally recommend clients schedule six to eight laser sessions for long-term results. Terminal (thick, dark, and longer) hairs may require eight treatments, but fine hair could only need five or six appointments. 

Sometimes, hair may still grow back within a year or two. Follow-up treatments are available if you ever notice regrowth, and with our chin laser hair removal price of $17 per session, Bella Sana Med Spa provides an affordable option. 

Benefits of Chin Laser Hair Removal At Bella Sana Med Spa

Bella Sana Med Spa brings the best-quality chin laser hair removal near you to the Des Plaines area. At a low cost and delivered with a high level of experience, you can be assured that you’re getting the best value for money. Best of all, our Cutera XEO laser is safe for even Fitzpatrick Type VI skin, the darkest range of complexions. 

 To request an appointment, contact us here, or call (847) 576-0505. 

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