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DYE VL is a photofacial therapy used to treat abnormalities on the skin, particularly to reverse the signs of aging. DYE VL treatment utilizes a laser proven to be an effective skin restoration procedure. As a leading clinic in cosmetic procedures, our specialists are well-trained and certified to offer you the best photofacial treatment in the Chicago suburbs. We are also a well-equipped spa and have the latest tools to handle different types of facial therapy. DYE VL therapy has proven to be quite significant in reducing various skin flaws. Our therapeutic solutions offer deep rejuvenation with minimum downtime.

What DYE VL is used for? 

This procedure is used to address the following issues:

  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Sun damage
  • Stretch marks
  • Removal of freckles
  • Skin restoration
  • Removal of acne scars 
  • Pigmentation
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Rosacea
  • Telangiectasia
  • Mild, moderate, and severe acne vulgaris
  • Port Wine Stains

If you think that you can benefit from photofacial for acne or other problematic areas, find a med spa that has experienced personnel and modern technology. Finding skilled and knowledgeable professionals to handle any of your cosmetic needs is the best start, and we believe our Des Plaines practice is the right place for your needs. 

ipl facial chicago
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How does the laser machine work? 

The DYE VL module utilizes Alma's proprietary IN-Motion™™ protocol which helps MAXIMIZE PATIENT COMFORT and minimize risk of unwanted side effects. IN-Motion Technology represents a breakthrough in patient comfort, speed of procedures and repeatable clinical results. By combining concurrent cooling with gradual heating, we are able to achieve real results very comfortably.


Results of photofacial rejuvenation 

Pigmented lesions usually exfoliate in an average of 7-14 days. Several sessions are generally needed to get remarkable changes. Capillaries will fade gradually and finally disappear after several sessions (results may vary from person to person depending on the initial presentation).

Laser light treats acne and rosacea, reducing skin inflammation and killing bacterial growth.

ipl facial chicago

Service Areas

When  you visit our clinic, you will get the necessary guidance to help you obtain the appropriate type of care for your skin flaws. We offer DYE VL therapy on various body areas, including the best photofacial for face, full buttocks, and back. Intense pulsed light treatment is safe and effective. The procedure might be a little uncomfortable depending on the treatment area (you might only have some swelling or redness for 24-48 hours), but the results are outstanding. 

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Prices of DYE VL photofacial

The cost for your DYE VL photofacial treatment will vary depending on the treated area. Nevertheless, you will find the prices are the most affordable when it comes to skin rejuvenation. We believe our service is the best value for money, and we can ensure that you are provided with the safest and most comfortable cosmetic solution at Bella Sana. 


The Dye-VL phototreatment procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and does not require anesthesia. During the session, the beautician will slowly pass the laser device over the area of skin to be treated. You may feel a slight tingling, burning, or warmth on the treated area during the flashes, but pain is usually minimal, especially if a cooling gel or cooling system is used.
Dye-VL photorejuvenation is a safe and effective procedure for treating a variety of skin problems. The development of side effects is usually related to the patient's skin type and general condition. After photorejuvenation, you may experience: - redness and swelling of the skin; - burning or tingling sensation; - changes in skin pigmentation (light or dark spots); Such manifestations are temporary and go away on their own within a few hours or days.
Yes, Dye VL photofacial treatment can be an effective treatment for sun damage and age spots. A Dye VL photofacial treatment treatment works by absorbing light energy from certain pigments in the skin, which causes melanin (skin pigment) to break down. This helps to: - reduce the appearance of age spots, including those caused by sun damage or age-related changes; - get rid of broken capillaries and/or telangiectasias - make skin tone more even and improve the overall appearance of the skin.
The number of treatments you will need will depend on several factors. - The severity of your problem. - The type of skin you have. - Your general health and the medications you are taking. - Desired results: the more pronounced results you want to achieve, the more treatments you will need. On average, you will need between 3 and 5 Dey VL photofacial treatment sessions spaced four or five weeks apart.
The results of photorejuvenation can be long-lasting, but they are not permanent. On average, results can last from 6 months to 2 years. To maintain results, it is recommended to have repeated photorejuvenation sessions every 6–12 months.
The Dye VL photofacial procedure is considered safe when performed by a qualified professional. It is important to consult with an experienced laser technician or an aesthetician and discuss all the risks and benefits before having the procedure done. Follow all of his or her skin care recommendations after the procedure to minimize risks and maximize results.
The cost of Dye VL Photofacial in Chicago can vary greatly depending on the number of sessions needed to achieve the desired results and the size of the area being treated. On average, prices can range from $200 to $400 per session. However, a series of sessions may be required to achieve optimal results, which can affect the overall cost.

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