Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal isn’t just for women. Thousands of men are now choosing to have the cosmetic procedure to reduce or eliminate unwanted body hair or the need for shaving. At Bella Sana Med Spa, we offer the best quality laser hair removal for men in Chicago, IL, to meet this need. 

Cutera XEO Laser Hair Removal Technology 

At Bella Sana Med Spa, we use the Cutera XEO multi-application platform. This customizable laser and light therapy device is suitable for a wide range of skin and hair types, giving you the safest, most effective treatment possible.

How is Laser Hair Removal for Men Performed? 

Laser hair removal for men involves firing a concentrated beam of light at unwanted hair, with a frequency that matches its pigmentation. The matching frequency causes the hair to absorb the laser light, which damages it through overheating. As men have thicker body hair, you may need more sessions to achieve your desired result. There is also a higher chance that you will need maintenance treatment in the future to address regrowth. 

Recommendations Before Hair Removal 

Before your hair removal treatment, we recommend that you shave the area no more than one or two days in advance. This allows the laser to fully penetrate and damage the hair follicle. Additionally, it’s best to avoid accidental tanning for at least one week, as lasers used in hair removal cause damage by reacting with pigmentation.  

What To Do After the Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

For the first two days afterwards, you need to treat the area with care. Avoid excessive heat, such as saunas and hot tubs, and prolonged sun exposure.  

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men At Bella Sana

Bella Sana Med Spa provides effective body hair removal services for a range of complexions, at reasonable prices. After a course of several sessions, unwanted hair may grow back much finer or not at all. Without the need for shaving, you don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs, which can be so severe in men that they cause scarring, or inflamed hair follicles.

On What Parts of the Body is Laser Hair Removal Performed? 

Men’s laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body where there is potentially unwanted hair, including the:  

  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Stomach
  • Legs 
  • Nose 
  • Cheeks
  • Between the eyebrows
  • Sideburns
  • Buttocks
  • Intimate areas (male Brazilian)



1. Cheeks Regular Price $67.00 Now $33.00
2. Ears Regular Price $38.00 Now $19.00
3. Up neck Regular Price $62.00 Now $31.00
4. Center Brow Regular Price $21.00 Now $10.00
5. Full Beard Regular Price $225.00 Now $112.00
6. Front of neck Regular Price $72.00 Now $36.00
7. Back of neck Regular Price $72.00 Now $36.00
8. Shoulders Regular Price $91.00 Now $45.00
9. Underarms Regular Price $62.00 Now $31.00
10. Full Arms Regular Price $213.00 Now $106.00
11. Chest Regular Price $153.00 Now $76.00
12. Full Back Regular Price $252.00 Now $126.00
13. Stomach Regular Price $139.00 Now $69.00
14. Buttock Regular Price $324.00 Now $162.00
15. Private Area Regular Price $283.00 Now $141.00
16. Upper Legs Regular Price $211.00 Now $105.00
17. Lower Legs
Regular Price $187.00 Now $93.00
18. Full Legs Regular Price $331.00 Now $165.00


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