Laser Skin Tags Removal

Skin tags are benign growths of excess skin, generally heaped into a small lump or projection. They are almost always benign, and around 50-60% of adults are expected to develop skin tags at some point.

The development of skin tags is more common between the fourth and seventh decades of life; during pregnancy; and in cases of obesity, type II diabetes, or high cholesterol. Tag causes may also include infection with HPV, the virus that causes warts; hormonal factors (especially in women); and genetics.

Skin tags look like a loose pile of excess skin, anchored to your healthy skin by a finger-like projection. Some may be darker in pigmentation, or even reddened. Although they aren’t dangerous, they can be unsightly, and catch on clothing or jewellery.

This is where laser treatment for skin tags can benefit you. If you are looking for laser skin tag removal in Chicago or its suburbs, make sure what Bella Sana has to offer. A little spoiler: it is a great deal for anyone interested in the procedure.


What Is Laser Skin Tags Removal?

Smaller tags can be removed with laser treatment, most commonly a fractional laser, which may be a CO2 laser or a type of yttrium aluminium garnet (YAG) laser. These are the same types of laser resurfacing devices used to remove or reduce the severity of scars, warts, and wrinkles.

Laser resurfacing works by emitting light energy, which the water and pigmentation in your skin absorbs. It turns into heat, and destroys the unwanted tissue. This treatment is highly targeted, so you won’t suffer significant damage or loss of healthy skin. Fractional laser therapy results in a faster healing time, as it can target specific layers of the skin. This helps to prevent off-target damage.

You may even receive laser therapy with a combination of fractional and non-fractional  settings to maximize efficacy and minimize (or eliminate) adverse effects such as scarring or loss of pigmentation.

Treatment takes less than an hour, but full recovery can take several days. While a CO2 laser takes four to 10 days for recovery, resurfacing with types of YAG laser won’t require much more than three days. It is important to follow all after-care instructions, including dressings and topical medications.

Benefits of Skin Tag Removal

Benefits of having tag removal at our Med Spa include:

  • No more painful or annoying incidents of your skin tags catching on your jewellery, underwear, or clothing (including zippers – ouch!)
  • A smooth, even, healthy appearance to your skin. This may feel like an important step in achieving your goals if you’ve developed tags related to obesity, or you wanted to get your pre-pregnancy body back.
  • Peace of mind that your skin tag is (was) just a tag – if you present with dark or red tags, we may recommend a biopsy first, however.
  • If you have a family history, a sense of empowerment that your genes are not your destiny!

Skin Tag Removal Cost

How much does skin tag removal cost? Chicago, like most other areas of the US, generally offers face skin tag removal costs about $150 for one or several tags. The price can be cheaper with Groupon and other coupons. If you are looking for the best price at a professional med spa that uses advanced technology, make sure to call Bela Sana at (847) 576-0505 Our prcies start at $29 for one session, $69 for three sessions, and $129 for 6 sessions.

1. One Skin Tag Laser Removal  Regular Price $49.00 Now $29.00
2. Three Skin Tags Laser Removal  Regular Price $99.00 Now $69.00
3. Six Skin Tags Laser Removal  Regular Price $179.00 Now $129.00
4. One Angioma Laser Removal  Regular Price $59.00 Now $39.00
5. Three Angiomas Laser Removal  Regular Price $109.00 Now $79.00
6. Six Angiomas Laser Removal  Regular Price $189.00 Now $139.00


The sensation during the procedure is usually tolerable. The level of pain depends on the sensitivity of your skin and the number of papillomas. Laser papilloma removal uses local anesthesia, so you may only feel a slight tingling sensation.
The procedure usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. The time may increase if you have many papillomas or if they are located in hard-to-reach areas.
Redness for a few days. Small crusts that fall off after 7–10 days. In rare cases, there may be scarring or pigmentation.
Nd:YAG removes papillomas very effectively and painlessly if papillomas are morphologically suitable for laser removal

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