Legs Laser Hair Removal

Shaving your legs takes time, causes ingrown hairs, and can leave your skin feeling dried out and irritated. If you have thicker, darker hair and fairer skin, you may have to shave even more often, as it seems to grow back in a day or two. For these reasons, many clients search for legs’ laser hair removal in Chicago, IL, and choose Bella Sana Med Spa.

Is Laser Hair Removal Effective on Legs?

Modern technology means that laser hair removal for the legs has impressive before and after results. During treatment, a high dose of a specific light frequency is absorbed by the pigmentation in your hair, heating up the shaft and follicle and eventually destroying it. You can expect a freshly-shaved look for years, which may be permanent or require a shorter follow-up course of treatment.

Cutera XEO Laser Hair Removal Technology

At Bella Sana, we use the highly adjustable Cutera XEO device. This features a Nd:YAG laser, among the most precise types. It is even safe for dark skin, which was once off-limits with older devices as they also reacted with skin pigmentation. Instead of targeting your skin pigment, Cutera XEO can bypass it and only affect the follicles.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

With modern, precise technology, preparation for each treatment is minimal:

  • Do not wax or pluck the area, only shave it. This allows the laser to penetrate the follicles instead of being absorbed by the hair shaft.
  • Keep your skin clean, free of lotions, and avoid any exfoliant products for several days beforehand.

How long does laser hair removal last on legs?

You can expect the vast majority of follicles to be damaged after the recommended number of treatments permanently, or for at least several years.

How many laser treatments are needed for legs?

As 15-30% of unwanted follicles are permanently damaged after each session, you typically need a course of six to eight treatments.

How many laser sessions does it take for leg results?

You can start to notice results after just one or two sessions, but most of this is temporary.

Should I shave my legs after laser?

Yes, you can shave your legs in between treatments, as there is no skin irritation, and one session may not be enough to stop all regrowth within a few days afterward.

Can I wear jeans after laser?

Our Cutera XEO device does not affect your skin, so you’re all clear to wear jeans.

What happens after one session of laser hair removal?

Just one session is more likely to have a temporary effect.  Research shows that most of your hair will grow back in several months after a single treatment.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal at Bella Sana

Bella Sana Med Spa offers the best leg laser hair removal near you in the Chicago area. Here, the full leg laser hair removal price is $119 per session, a lower cost than laser hair removal in other clinics. Beyond value for money, we pride ourselves on providing individualized care and years of experience.

To request an appointment, contact us here, or call us at (847) 576-0505.  

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