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The condition and health of our skin depends on many factors, which include heredity, lifestyle, living conditions and environment, exposure to sunlight on the skin, the presence of bad habits, hormonal activity, stress levels and lack of sleep, nutrition, the presence of concomitant chronic diseases, etc. Facial skin care should be professionally and individually selected, taking into account all these nuances. A comprehensive medical approach, optimally matched and tailored to your needs, is the most effective method by which you can get the best result.

If you have complex needs, searching for a medical facial in Chicago is your best bet for getting your skin back on track. 

What is Considered a Medical Facial?

Medical facial treatment uses stronger, higher-grade products compared to regular salon facials. For example, chemical peel agents may be more concentrated and un-buffered, while a salon treatment will use milder formulations. They still follow the same cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration techniques. Medical facials can also add in other modalities, such as IPL phototherapy, LED light therapy, or microneedling. Only physicians or medical estheticians can perform them. 

In addition, medical cleansing of the facial skin can be the primary basis and preparation for further cosmetic procedures. Medical cleaning also implies compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards during the procedures. 

What Does a Medical Facial Consist Of? 

An initial consultation will help determine the condition of your skin and identify the presence of certain problems. This will allow you to initially choose the type of medical cleaning, and in the future to choose not only an individual method of skin care, but also preventive measures aimed at a constant supportive effect, stimulation of metabolic and regenerative processes in the skin. The three most requested types of medical cleaning are


All of these involve the four basic cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, and hydrating steps, but emphasize some more than others. Be Clear Purifying Facial focuses on cleansing and extraction, while our Anti-Aging Facial centers more on replenishing your skin’s antioxidant supply. 

Additional modalities we offer at Bella Sana Med Spa include laser skin rejuvenation, microneedling, chemical peels, IPL photofacial, oxygen dome therapy, and Juvederm injections. 

We include both natural and pharmaceutical ingredients in our medical facials, which can be highly potent. Our range of natural ingredients include fruit acids, plant antioxidants, and honey. The best honey types are the antimicrobial manuka and kanuka honeys, which also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. You may be treated with these if you experience acne. Acids used in chemical peels include the superficial AHA (fruit acids), medium-depth glycolic acid, and deep phenols. These “purge” the skin of damaged cells and other impurities while stimulating regeneration, and are often used in anti-aging treatments. 

Indications and Contraindications

The range of medical facial benefits are broad. Wrinkles, sagging, dryness, uneven skin tone, thin or fragile skin, acne, and scarring may improve with the right medical facial. Like many conditions, earlier treatment brings you better results. 

However, there are situations where treatment is unsafe. Broken or very inflamed skin may be left more harmed by medical-grade facial products, so it’s best to wait until your skin has healed enough. Certain medications may also compromise your skin integrity or sensation. 

How Often Should You Get a Medical Grade Facial?

As there are different types of medical facial for a range of indications, this varies. You may benefit most from just one treatment, or you may need a course of several facials, 4-6 weeks apart. More isn’t always better, as stronger products have a higher risk of over-treatment. As for aged skin or chronic issues, you may benefit from a yearly treatment. 

Medical Facial Treatment Cost

The regular price of our medical facial is $98 per treatment. We are currently running a promotion for the first-time patients as well as prospective clients: $69 per treatment for the first 3 sessions. 

To request an appointment, contact us here, or call at (847) 576-0505. 

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