Oxygen Dome Facial Therapy 

Oxygen dome facial therapy is a rejuvenating treatment that optimizes the oxygenation of your skin through a two-step process. This increases the rate of tissue repair and detoxification, as your body needs the vital gas to produce energy and stimulate a healthy response to stresses. 

If you’ve been searching for “the best oxygen facial near me”, des Plaines – our Med Spa to be exact – has just the thing for you! 


Who needs oxygen dome facial therapy?

Indications for oxygen dome treatment encompass people of all ages, and a range of health histories, including: 

  • Acne, which can appear in people of all ages, and generally oily skin
  • Wrinkled or sagging skin, particularly prematurely aged skin from sun damage 
  • Skin “rehab” after quitting smoking, a habit that de-oxygenates your skin (and body); travel to a polluted area, or potential sun damage after summer.  
  • Thin and easily damaged skin. Besides aging, your genetics, previous serious illness, and a number of chronic conditions can reduce skin integrity. 
  • Uneven skin pigmentation, an issue that can appear with age or sun damage.  
  • People with dry skin; improved regeneration and tissue integrity regulates oil production 


If you have a cold or fever; a collapsed lung or any lung condition; have an ear injury or recently had surgery, you cannot receive an oxygen facial procedure. 

Please reschedule your appointment with us if you have an infection or had recent surgery. 


How is the procedure performed?

The oxygen dome treatment is a two-step process, involving a partnership of two oxygenating therapies. 

First, you receive pressurized oxygen through an airbrush applicator, which combines it with rejuvenating serums. Then, you are treated with a mask and bubble-like oxygenating dome, a machine that raises its concentration in the air around your skin to 90%. This temporarily increases the amount of oxygen beyond normal levels, and also boosts your exposure to anions, which are negatively charged particles in the air. 

Through these two steps, you receive a boost in cellular energy production, antimicrobial benefits, and the stimulation of your body’s protective mechanisms. Anions support these protective mechanisms through their negative charge. 

It is a myth that oxygenation causes the aging process, despite the popularity of the antioxidant theory of aging. We need it not only for our short-term survival, but as a regulator of many processes that keep us youthful. Milder oxidative stress (think these facials or exercise, not smoking) increases our body’s own antioxidants, which are more powerful than any vitamin. 

The course of procedure

On average, oxygen dome treatment lasts 30-60 minutes per session. Monthly treatments are recommended, at least until you achieve your desired result. 


Benefits of the procedure

Benefits of having an oxygenating dome facial include:

  • Boost in tissue regeneration, including collagen production. Collagen is the number one connective tissue protein in the body, and its loss with age is largely why we develop wrinkles. 
  • Increases the production of your own antioxidants. While this is no substitute for staying safe in the sun, a higher antioxidant status helps to protect you against pollution and everyday stresses. 
  • Improved circulation, as a more youthful metabolic rate stimulates blood flow. This gives you a lovely, glowing face. 
  • Increased cellular energy generation, which powers everything our bodies do – including keeping our skin healthy.
  • Stimulates immunity through restoring your metabolism to a more youthful state, creating a mild stressor, and boosting blood flow.
  • Removes bacteria, as microbes have a lower tolerance for oxidative stress than much larger, stronger human cells. 
  • Relief of dry skin; some serum ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are produced by the body to hold moisture inside the skin and connective tissue. 
  • No pain or recovery time unlike older antiaging cosmetic treatments. In fact, you can re-apply your makeup soon afterwards. 

Cost of oxygen dome facial therapy

While the regular price of Oxygen facial therapy in Bella Sana Med Spa costs $150, we are currently offering a promotional price of $99! If you are looking for the best price in Chicago and its suburbs as well as the best quality of the therapy, make sure to contact our med spa. We stand behind our service and our reputation. 


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