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The truSculpt®3D system - a new dimension in body sculpting!

The truSculpt®3D is the newest non-invasive radio frequency system for solving a wide range of aesthetic problems on the body including minimizing the appearance of cellulite. The truSculpting 3D body sculpting procedure has clinically proven that it provides a deep treatment of even the most difficult parts of the body thanks to a well-thought-out technology. This multifunctional device works on the most common sculpting concerns of the body: hands, hips, abdomen, knees, and chin. The system is safe for all skin types.

Working principles

The truSculpt®3D heats the subcutaneous tissue causing them to apoptosis, that is, the fat cells die. After the procedure, they are excreted from the body within 1-3 months. A well-thought-out unique design technology ensures a deep uniform comfortable temperature distribution on the body surface while the electrode coating surface eliminates potential hot spots (unwanted fat) providing optimum comfort and safety for the patient. As a result, a patient gets the highest clinical efficacy in the shortest possible treatment time.

Efficiency & use simplicity

  • Fast processing time (15-minute treatment sessions);
  • Large and small areas treating;
  • The touchscreen allows selecting the treatment parameters personally for each patient.

Comfort & safety

  • Temperature monitoring in real time;
  • Treatment of any areas of the body due to two handpiece options;
  • Deep and uniform heating while maintaining patient comfort.

Don't miss the chance to diminish unwanted fat from your body throughThe truSculpt®3D body sculpting procedure at Bella Sana!

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