Laser removal of plantar warts

Plantar warts are small, hard growths on the skin of the foot. They are usually flat or slightly convex in texture and white, gray, or yellowish. Abnormal growths cause discomfort and painful sensations when walking, especially if they are located in areas of high stress.

What causes plantar warts?

These growths on the legs are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), especially its variants, which can infect the upper layers of the skin. The pathogen viruses are contagious and are transmitted through direct contact with an infected surface or through small micro-injuries on the skin. Here are some ways to contract plantar warts.

  1. Public places: swimming pools, showers, saunas, and changing rooms where there is high humidity and many people are barefoot.
  2. Direct contact with a virus carrier.
  3. Wounds and microtrauma are open access for virions of the virus.

Transmission of the virus through shared personal items (towels, shoes) is possible (rare). And weak immunity contributes to easier infection and development of warts.

Symptoms of Plantar Warts

Plantar warts cause discomfort in the foot. They have characteristic symptoms.

  1. Characteristic texture: may have a warty, rough, or flat texture. Be small, inconspicuous, or quite large.
  2. Convexity: a small bulge or slight elevation above the skin level.
  3. Color: varies from white to gray or yellowish.
  4. Pain and discomfort: soreness, discomfort, and pain when walking.
  5. Feeling of irritation: Around the growth, the skin becomes sensitive, irritated, and itchy.
  6. Black dots on the surface (sometimes): visible microvessels feeding the neoplasm.
  7. Growth and spread: gradual increase in size and spread to nearby skin.
  8. Pressure sensation when walking.

If such symptoms appear on the sole, especially if they are painful or do not disappear on their own, you should consult a doctor or dermatologist. They will be able to make a diagnosis, offer the best treatment, and give advice on prevention. Remember that self-treatment often leads to complications.


Plantar wart Laser Removal

Laser therapy is a modern treatment method that can be extremely effective in dealing with abnormal growths on the sole of the foot. Our clinic, located in the heart of downtown Chicago, has mastered the highly effective technique of laser removal of growths on the foot.

But it should be noted that not all plantar warts are equally suitable for laser therapy. If the growth is too old, deeply germinated, or has certain characteristics that make it incompatible with laser removal, surgical removal may be necessary.

Warts can change over time, and the earlier you see a specialist, the better the chances of successful treatment. Timely referral and professional evaluation will determine the best treatment path and prevent possible complications.

We offer not only advanced methods using laser therapy but also professional medical support at all stages of the procedure. Our experienced specialists will help determine the best treatment plan, explain all aspects of the procedure, and provide support after removal.

Laser therapy for plantar warts is your path to healthy feet, and it starts here at our clinic in Chicago, Illinois.


Prevention of Plantar Warts

An important aspect of preventing warts is prevention. Our recommendations will help minimize the risk of infection.

  1. Wear shoes in public places.
  2. Avoid going barefoot in people’s places with high humidity.
  3. Maintain personal hygiene, especially between the toes.
  4. Avoid contact with contaminated areas.
  5. Avoid touching other people's warts as well as your own to prevent spreading the virus.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes; this will reduce the risk of injury and skin irritation.
  7. Strengthen your immune system.
  8. Avoid self-medication.

These measures will help reduce the chances of HPV infection and the appearance of abnormal growths.

Des Plaines, Illinois, has witnessed effective relief from abnormal growths on the feet thanks to our clinic. Feel free to contact Bella Sana Med Spa at (847) 576-0505. Experienced professionals are ready to offer you laser removal of plantar warts, providing the most effective treatment possible. Your health and comfort are our priorities.


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