Spider Veins

Spider veins (called telangiectasias) can be an unpleasant surprise that leaves a mark on the skin. These are small subcutaneous dilated vessels. They appear in different colors and shapes, resembling spider webs or stars.

They cause discomfort associated with a feeling of heaviness, burning, or pain in the areas of distribution. Telangiectasias usually appear on parts of the body exposed to stress and pressure fluctuations. The most typical places for their manifestation are:

  • legs - thighs, shins, ankles;
  • face: nose, cheeks;
  • chest and neck area;
  • hands (rarely).

Spider veins do not belong to serious diseases, but their manifestation is considered a rather unpleasant cosmetic defect.

Causes of spider veins

The causes of telangiectasia (vascular stars and nets) are due to various internal and external factors, and are usually the result of a combination of both. Triggers for development can be:

  •  genetic predisposition;
  • weakness of the vascular walls;
  • hormonal changes: pregnancy, menopause, hormonal contraceptives, or hormone replacement therapy;
  • loss of vascular elasticity with age;
  • prolonged sitting or standing in one place;
  • overweight;
  • trauma, bruising, and mechanical damage to blood vessels;
  • prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light;
  •  alcohol and smoking.

Systemic diseases (varicose veins), stress, blood pressure, poor circulation, and a lack of substances and antioxidants in the body—all these factors have a negative impact on the condition of blood vessels and can be a trigger for the development of spider veins and vascular asterisks.

Remember, telangiectasia can be the result of the interaction of several factors. Good prevention and timely referral to specialists can help minimize the risk of its occurrence and keep your blood vessels healthy.


Treatment for Spider Veins

Laser treatment for vascular asterisks is an innovative approach that provides effective and safe removal of spider veins. The procedure is based on the use of focused laser light, which acts on the hemoglobin in the dilated vessels while preserving the integrity of the surrounding tissue.

During the procedure, the laser light is absorbed by the red blood cells in the dilated veins. This leads to the heating of the vessels, their closure, and the subsequent natural process of their resorption.


Advantages of the method.

  • minimal risk of damage to surrounding tissues;
  • instant results;
  • minimally invasive: no surgical intervention;
  • painlessness.

Possible risks and side effects:

Laser treatment for vascular asterisks is usually well tolerated, but as with any procedure, some temporary side effects may occur:

  • redness and swelling in the treated areas;
  •  minimal pain or burning;
  • skin pigmentation (rare).

To reduce the risk of spider veins and maintain the health of the legs, there are quite simple rules of prevention.




Preventing the appearance of vascular asterisks can be achieved with a few simple but effective recommendations.

  1. Regular physical activity.
  2. Professional massage and physical therapy.
  3. Weight control.
  4. Proper dietary intake.
  5. Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time.
  6. Keep your feet in good shape.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes.
  8. Use protection against ultraviolet rays.
  9. Avoid excessive heat (hot baths, saunas, and hot showers).
  10. Do not abuse smoking or alcohol.

Recommendations and preventive measures should be coordinated with your doctor to adapt them to your individual condition.

If you are looking for an effective and safe solution for spider vein removal in Chicago, our Bella Sana Med Spa medical center, located in picturesque Des Plaines, Illinois, is ready to offer you a high-quality, simple, and effective laser treatment.

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