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Microneedling is a minimally-invasive, effective cosmetic treatment intended to reduce the severity of skin aging and scarring. If you’ve ever wondered, What is microneedling?, it involves applying tiny steel needles to the skin to create microscopic wounds. These trigger tissue regeneration with growth factors that stimulate cell division and the production of collagen and elastin. 

Traditional dermal rollers are now being replaced with automated devices, such as the ExCeed microneedling system sold by Candela. Here’s why Bella Sana Med Spa now provides ExCeed microneedling in Chicago, including research specifically on the device.

What Areas Can We Treat With ExCeed Microneedling?

ExCeed Microneedling is the world’s only device cleared by the FDA for two purposes: facial wrinkles and acne scarring. It can easily treat the skin around your lips, nose, and eyes, thanks to its pen-like design with six needles on a tiny tilting plate. 

Currently, the ExCeed microneedling device is FDA-cleared to reduce the appearance of frown lines, wrinkles around your eyes, and cheek folds in people with fair to olive skin. It’s also cleared to reduce facial acne scarring in people with fair to deep olive complexions who are at least 22 years old. Research shows that it can reduce sagging, smooth rough textures, and firm up loose pores. 


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How Candela ExCeed Microneedling Works

The ExCeed Microneedling device applies micro-punctures to your skin in order to stimulate regeneration, at up to 150 punctures per second. Its unique structure not only allows for easy access to areas that larger, cylindrical rollers do not easily reach, but also does not snag or scratch your skin. Better yet, the needles are adjustable with a penetration depth of up to 1.5mm, so you don’t need to worry if you have thin or more sensitive skin. 

What Will My Results Be Like? 

Clinical research shows that the ExCeed microneedling device produces significant benefits in most patients. A study specifically testing the ExCeed device found an average improvement in wrinkle depth of 1.23 points (on a six-point scale) five months after treatment. Six out of nine facial areas improved by at least one point. Skin laxity also decreased from an average score of 2.84 to 1.75. However, it’s important to remember that the new collagen will take three to six months to form, so you won’t see results overnight. 

As for acne scarring, research and practice consistently shows significant improvement in skin appearance and collagen production. This includes the pitted, “pockmark” scars that you can’t easily hide with makeup. Microneedling reduces the appearance of scars, including stretch marks, by breaking them up and allowing new blood vessels to penetrate the area and cells to form new, healthy collagen. 

If you’re prone to hyperpigmentation or uneven skin color, Candela’s ExCeed medical microneedling may be the wrinkle or scar treatment for you. Microneedling is gentler on the upper layers of skin, so it is less likely to react by producing excessive melanin. 


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Areas of the Body

Candela microneedling has proven to have a positive effect when done effectively. It can treat various body areas, including the face, legs, belly, and much more. During the procedure, a numbing cream is applied and a Candela microneedling pen is passed up and down the treatment area. 

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Candela Microneedling Price

The prices of the procedure depend on one’s individual needs and the scope of the treatment. Our clinic provides the best value to our clients by offering Candela microneedling treatment for the three most popular areas. For most patients, it is recommended to receive a series of 3 – 6 sessions, however, the exact number of sessions will depend on the extent of damage to the skin. We strive to uphold the highest standards in cosmetic procedures while maintaining affordable costs for microneedling facial and microneedling for wrinkles. 

1. Face Regular Price $349.00 Now $249.00
2. Decollete Regular Price $399.00 Now $299.00
3. Belly Regular Price $419.00 Now $319.00

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