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Spider vein removal

One type of treatment to remove spider veins is the lasers used to get rid of the problem without damaging the skin. Laser removal treatment is effective and painless, and our ultimate purpose at Bella Sana med spa is to provide you with an outstanding service with the best possible outcome. If you are interested in affordable treatment and wish to feel safe during the procedure, schedule an appointment in our clinic. We will work towards getting the results you want to achieve!

How does the laser spider vein removal? 

We use a technologically advanced Cutera XEO Laser with YAG 1064 handpiece. The attached cooling copper portion of the device is an innovative method to treat spider veins on any part of the body. Laser energy targets hemoglobin and destroys vessels creating minimal inflammation that allows the body to eliminate destroyed veins on the treated areas leaving the surrounding tissue intact. Several treatments are sometimes needed depending on the initial vessels’ appearance.

Who is a good candidate for the treatment?

The spider vein removal procedure mainly affects the aesthetic appearance, particularly of the legs. By eliminating this problem, patients improve their appearance, which usually affects clients' moods and personal feelings.

What are the benefits?

Get the best laser vein removal and enjoy the following benefits: 

  • non-invasive
  • fast and effective
  • painless and bearable or minimal discomfort 
  • no preparations before the treatment
  • no restrictions after the procedure 
  • affordable
vein removal chicago
best laser vein removal

Why us?

When it comes to such a delicate medical procedure, you want to use experienced practitioners and have the best prices, and that’s the main reason to use the Des Plaines Bela Sana clinic. You can relax, feel comfortable, and afterward, look even better than you already did!


Common areas for the removal include the hips and the legs, which are the most popular area for treatment. The therapy can also be applied to remove spider veins on the face particularly, the nose and other parts. You can count on Bella Sana’s professionals for an effective remedy in all of these areas.

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Prices spider vein removal

Bella Sana offers customized treatment to each client. The cost of laser vein removal will depend on the length of the procedure. Each session lasts about 15 minutes. We will determine the timing required, and therefore, the prices at the initial consultation. At Bella Sana, it is one of the most popular procedures, because our staff is very experienced, we use the most modern and effective equipment, and the prices are often better than Groupon deals.

1. Nose Regular Price $69.00 Now $49.00
2. Decollete Regular Price $57.00 Now $33.00 (15 min session)
3. Legs Regular Price $85.00 Now $34.00 (15 min session)

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