Rosacea treatment

Rosacea (couperosis) is a chronic skin disease, a kind of indicator that reflects the condition of various systems and organs of the body. It is characterized by reddening of the skin, vascular networks, papular and pustular formations, and the development of acute inflammatory reactions in the skin.

Cooperosis can significantly affect the spiritual comfort of the patient and his self-esteem. Therefore, it is important to know about the possibilities of effective therapy of the disease. If you are looking for effective rosacea treatment in Chicago, Illinois, our clinic offers a number of professional methods to help you get rid of the problem.

What Triggers Rosacea on the Face

There are many factors that can contribute to facial rosacea

  1. Genetic predisposition. If your close relatives have had rosacea symptoms, you are at risk. 
    Dilated capillaries and skin damage. The thin capillaries on the face are often damaged due to external factors: sun exposure, cold winds or harsh skin care products.
  2. Hormonal imbalance. An exacerbation of rosacea symptoms is often seen in women during menstruation or pregnancy, which may indicate a connection between hormonal changes and the disease.
  3. Inflammation. This is one of the key factors in the development of skin pathology. Food allergens, stress, alcohol and other irritants can provoke inflammation and increase the symptoms of the disease.

Tips for Managing Rosacea Flare-ups

It is important to remember, that rosacea – is a chronic condition. Self-treatment can be ineffective, leading to unpredictable results and worsening skin conditions. See an experienced dermatologist, who will tailor a treatment plan for you and give you some tips for managing flare-ups of pathological symptoms. Here are some of them.

  1. Avoid triggers, that trigger your rosacea flare-ups. Do not abuse spicy spices, alcoholic and hot drinks. Protect your skin from the sun and cold winds. Learn to avoid stressful situations.
  2. Take care of your skin. Use moisturizers and gentle products, that do not irritate the skin. Avoid harsh hygiene products, containing alcohol or flavorings.
  3. Protect yourself from the sun. Exposure to sunlight is one of the main triggers for couperose. Use sunscreen with a high SPF level. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses when you go outside.
  4. Learn to cope with stress. Stressful situations increase the symptoms of the disease. Regularly use relaxation techniques: yoga, meditation, deep breathing techniques.
  5. Watch your diet. Many foods can trigger rosacea flare-ups. Keep a food diary to determine which foods trigger your reaction and try to avoid them.

Professional Rosacea Treatment Options

Our clinic offers a number of professional techniques for treating cooperies, which effectively improve the condition of the skin. These include:

  • IPL therapy. Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) is used to reduce skin redness, constrict dilated capillaries and reduce inflammatory elements. The treatment is based on the application of light pulses of a specific wavelength, which, by acting on the blood vessels, helps to narrow them and reduce inflammatory reactions.
  • Laser skin rejuvenation. The purpose of the procedure – is to eliminate vascular networking and skin hypothermia (redness). The laser rays specifically target capillaries, causing them to shrink and improve the appearance of the skin.

Benefits of Rosacea Treatment at Bella Sana Med Spa

The distinctive advantages of rosacea treatment at Bella Sana Med Spa stem from:

  • experienced, highly trained professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills;
  • innovative treatment methods with the most modern equipment;
  • individual approach to patients, with the development of an optimal treatment protocol;
  • safe and comfortable treatment environment;
  • long-term results.

For professional help and the best rosacea treatment, contact Bella Sana Med Spa. We are ready to help you regain your health and self-confidence. Entrust your health to the experts.


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