Laser Hair Removal Chest and Stomach 

If unwanted body hair is getting in the way, you don’t have to simply put up with it. Whether you’re struggling with repeated ingrown hairs and acne, or simply don’t enjoy the look of it, you can take advantage of laser hair removal for the chest and stomach in Chicago, IL.

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal on my Chest and Stomach?

Chances are, if you’ve searched “laser hair removal for the chest and stomach near me”, you’re eligible for treatment. Modern laser technology is safe, effective, and specific enough that even people with Fitzpatrick Type VI skin, the darkest of complexions, can receive it safely.

Both men and women can get laser hair removal on the chest or stomach. Although it’s normal for men, you may still be bothered by acne or ingrown hair caused by new hairs rubbing against clothing. Women can develop chest and abdominal hair from conditions such as PCOS, or from the hormonal changes during pregnancy. However, you cannot get laser hair removal during pregnancy or breastfeeding; you must wait until afterwards to give your hormones time to resettle. If your unwanted hair does not fall out, you can consider treatment.

Before and After the Procedure

As we use the latest technology at Bella Sana Med Spa, the highly-targeted Cutera XEO, you don’t need to prepare for or prevent inflammation, pain, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. All you need to do is ensure that the area you want treated is shaved, to prevent the laser light from being absorbed by the hair shaft before it can reach the follicle. If you have inflamed spots of acne or ingrown hairs, you may treat them with over-the-counter products to prevent further irritation, but avoid other personal care products, so they don’t reduce absorption of the laser light.

Afterwards, you can resume your usual routine. You can expect the treated hair to fall out within a week or two, but it’s best to complete the entire recommended course.  

Does Chest Hair Grow Back After Laser?

Chest and stomach hair can grow back after laser therapy, but the chances of this are much lower if you finish the recommended course of six to 10 treatments. Most hair will grow back within a year after one session, but the effects can last several years or even be permanent after a full course. 

Best Laser Hair Removal for Chest and Stomach

At Bella Sana Med Spa, we pride ourselves on having the best quality in professional experience, client care, and technology.

However, we’re also one of the most affordable clinics, thanks to our decision to make our hair removal discounts permanent. This makes our treatments more accessible, especially for those who need longer courses.

Chest laser hair removal prices are as follows:

  • Upper Front: $85 per session
  • Between Breasts: $22 per treatment
  • Areola (the area around the nipples): $9 per session

The stomach laser hair removal cost also varies between several specific areas:

  • Lower Front: $89 per session
  • Line of stomach: $20 for each treatment
  • Lower abdomen: $32 per treatment

If unwanted hair on your chest and stomach is bothering you, contact Bella Sana Med Spa here

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